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B.A. LL.B.(C.U.)
Advocate High Court, Calcutta

Mr. Sreemon Bose is practicing for about 7 years in the field of Business Research, Business formation, Contract, Criminal, Divorce, Matrimonial issues, Tenancy disputes, Probate, Real Estate and Will matters. He has practiced in different Sub-Ordinate Courts & Tribunals and Consumer Commissions of West Bengal including the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta. He achieved vast knowledge in different Banking and Finance related matters. He handled many complicated matters in different fields of law including property and matrimonial suits. He even performs property registration and drafting of different deeds and agreements. Mr. Bose is empanelled with Central Government of India as Standing Counsel at the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta and Hon’ble National Company Law Tribunal and is also a Legal Advisor of Apollo Pharmacies Limited.

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Moumita Das
B.A. LL.B. (C.U.)
Advocate    High    Court, 

Mrs. Moumita Das is practicing for more than 7 years in the field of Arbitration, Banking, Financial and Business Litigation. She has practiced in different Sub-Ordinate Courts, Company Tribunals including the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta. She even possess noteworthy knowledge in criminal matters including the matters on Negotiable Instrument Act, Civil matters including suits of immovable and movable properties. She also handles bail matters and injunction matters simultaneously. She also drafts several deeds and petitions including registration of deeds and agreements. Mrs. Das is associated with Non Banking Financial Institutions which include Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited.



  Advocate Barasat District Court

Mr. Ghosh is an individual civil law practitioner with a vast experience of more than 15 years dealing with property litigations, consumer matters, banking and financial disputes and matrimonial conflicts. His expertise in resolving civil suits within minimum possible time and with higher efficiency has contributed to a great extent towards the firm. 

               MD. NURUL ISLAM

    Advocate High Court, Calcutta

Nurul Islam being an Advocate of the Hon’ble High Court, Calcutta regularly performs his legal duties in Appellate and Original Sides and National Company Law Tribunal, Kolkata. He mainly practices in the Appellate side and deals with appeal matters arising from Civil as well as Criminal Lower Courts.

                   ESHA MAZUMDAR

    Advocate City Civil Court, Calcutta

Ms. Mazumdar mainly concentrates on legal documentation and registration procedure. Her expert knowledge towards testamentary and succession laws and property litigations is an asset for the firm. She is magnificent in legal analytic research of each and every matter assigned to the firm.

                             AMIT ROY

     Advocate City Civil Court, Calcutta

Mr. Roy is practicing under the firm since 2016 and deals with Company Law, Arbitration and Financial Law including Negotiable Instruments Act matters. He is experienced in matters of Banking and Financial Law and Real Estate Litigations. His efficient legal exploration is effective artillery for the law firm. His great interest in legal matters accompany the firm with huge reputation.


    Advocate Barrackpore Court

Mr. Aryya Bhattacharjee is law practitioner since 2016 and mainly deals with property litigations, criminal matters, and matrimonial disputes. His knowledge in civil suits with efficiency is an asset for the firm. He single handedly manages the Courts of North 24 Parganas.

                               PIU DAS

    Advocate Medinipur District Court

Ms. Das concentrates on drafting of legal documentation and petitions. Her huge knowledge towards criminal and family laws and property litigations contributes reputation towards the firm. Her efficient in legal research is an effective hand for the law firm.

     Rajendra Kumar Nandy
    Advocate City Civil Court

Mr. Nandy is a Counsel in the Firm. He has over 2 years of experience. His area of specialization is Corporate Finance and Banking Matters. He has been involved in representing banks and financial institutions in prominent debt financing, leasing and capital markets transactions.

Law Interns

           TRIDHA ROY

            Law Trainee

Ms. Roy is a final year student of law. She does her research work on property litigations, consumer commissions and matrimonial disputes. She is a potential lady with good knowledge in different fields of law who performs all her duties with the senior advocates in the firm.


                Law Trainee

Ms. Maity is an intern under the law firm mainly carrying out her duties as in upcoming future advocate in Civil and Property Law. A further more experience gathering will be a leading step to her growing career in this profession.

           FARHAN HAQUE

               Law Trainee

Mr. Haque is a new law trainee who has been learning with utmost interest in all legal fields. He is a bright youth with tremendous potential to capture the experience of his seniors.

               ADITYA ROY

               Law Trainee

Mr. Roy is performing his duties under the guidance of seniors at this law firm with full potential and enormous energy. He mainly looks over North 24 Paraganas and studies all types of matters specially Criminal Law DV, DP, POCSO and bail matters.

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